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Change Into New Header

 Assalammualaikum | Change Into New Header 

hi loveliess....✨

This year might be the hardworking year for me. May all the plan goes right where I plan. I want everythings goes well so that my life will be not so much dramatic.

That one plan of the year :

  • hydroponic planting (A MUST!!, cause I wanna stay healthy)
  • Makeover house (cause I moving out into new one)
  • Diet ? or Maybe cutting sugar -.-
  • Making a lot of posting.
  • upgrade my brain system.
  • Looking for a new job. 
  • Getting back to track, hiking, jogging.
as long as we planned. Just trust the process. It might goes late, but it will. 

But hey,
what you guys think about my new header ? Since I'm moving into new era that make life go live simple, I think  I should change my header too, so that it will match with my motto. The combination colour means I might face the colourfull life but I will survive. cause, i believe. There is a rainbow after a rain. 

simple yet match with my motto. 

so, what you guys think ?

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  1. Wuu i like combination colour tu. Dengan sparkling sparkling tu, i wish you a bright future ahead and tercapai segala impian :)