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Malaysia's First Customisable Telco

 Assalammualaikum and hi everyone! | Malaysia's First Customisable Telco. 

can you guys imagine having a telco that can be customize by yourself ? have you ever wonder to choose things you like rather than been choosing by someone else ? that would be very pleasure to have you own needed, especially internet! cause internet is for life. 

So, tell me who is willing to live without internet nowadays ? As for me, I can't live without it, It's like hmm I rather choose to chill and relax with internet nowadays, especially chilling with my Favorite Korean drama. 

But then, watching Korean Dramas will be annoying, especially with limited internet. I've used several Telco's, but none of the telco suit my taste. I want to use internet for watching my episode by episode Korean Drama and movie but at the same time I want to use it as for main Hotspot so that I can use the internet by watching drama and also doing work at the same time. cause you know, doing two work is requirement to survive these days. 

until, I found the one and only Malaysia's First Customisable Telco, 100% digital mobile service. What else if not Yoodo! with this Telco you can customize your own needed such as internet, voice and also sms. Only Pay For What You Need. Also now, with LIMITED TIME OFFER: you will Get 20GB High-Speed Data for Only RM20! 

Not only choose you own data but you also can choose more ADD-ON. Special data packets that give you high-speed data that does not deduct from your base mobile plan. This is the main plan that's why I love Yoodo so much!

Some of you might wondering, what is actually Yoodo Telco, whats the best of using Yoodo ?. For your information, Yoodo is know as a Telco that Powered by Celcom the widest Malaysia's 4G LTE network. The difference between Yoodo Telco and others is ; 

  • Freedom to choose the amount of DATA, VOICE MINS, SMS based on individual needs
  • Renew your mobile data plan ANYTIME. NO CONTRACT! 
  • The only telco with CUSTOMISABLE UNLIMITED plan
  • Affordable HIGH-SPEED DATA
  • ADD-ON data packets to suit your lifestyle
  • Supercharge your data plan with 100GB POWER PASS
  • ROAM LIKE HOME and use your local Yoodo plan when travelling overseas
  • Experience High-Definition calls with VoLTE and make calls over WiFi with VoWiFi.

  • You're into movie person so ADD-ON Netflix, Iflix, VIU and etc so that you can enjoy your movie, or are you into social person so ADD-ON other plan such as Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Telegram to enjoy the HIGH-SPEED DATA PLAN. Are you into gaming person, no worry, Yoodo also have PUBG, CODM, Mobile Legend and other so that you can play game without worrying about your base mobile plan cause it will not deduct from your base mobile plan. 

    the new ADD-ON plan that have been added is also Telegram, WeChat, Signal and Pokémon UNITE.


    Yoodo also provide connection with FREE Sim Card, eSIM and also FREE DELIVERY! People at Peninsular Malaysia or East Malaysia will get FREE DELIVERY Sim Card to your home. As if you cannot wait, no worry cause you can get your Yoodo Sim Card locate at 50 outlets nationwide at Celcom Bluecube. Together with Yoodo partners, Yoodo now have hubs in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching to cut SIM delivery time by half



     Yoodo also become half of the Team ESPORT like Yoodo Alliance, Yoodo RSG MLBB. 
    Official Digital Telco for various tournaments including PUBG Mobile Professional League

    As you know, ESPORT are becoming more interesting among children and adolescents. Some of the ESPORT is not the only game but it's SPORT that already being verified for ESPORT. Among the Esports Previous Tournament that being support by Yoodo is such as ;
    • PMNC 2018 – 2021
    • PMCC 2019 - 2021
    • ESL CODM Championship 2020
    • Yoodo FV Major Cup 2020 
    • Yoodo Stay At Home Cup 2020 
    • Yoodo KEK3
    • MPL S5-S8
    • PMPL S4-S6
    • Varsity Esports Uni-League
    • ROG Yoodo MLBB Esports Amateur League
    • Pokémon UNITE Malaysia Open 2022

    Yoodo aslo have unique experience such as ;
    • YOODO x VIU "She was pretty" premiere in June 2022 
    • Northern Music Festival – July 2022
    • Yoodo Community Day Featuring an Honest Mistake and Aizat
    and many more ❤❤

    Why Yoodo is the best Telco of the year ?

    Yoodo will always give you the best experience and many more promotion and offers like 2X2X EXPERIMENT with  give the best plan for your money, 20GB of Data For Only RM20! 

    Invite a friend to join Yoodo using your  unique referral code and earn RM20 in FREE Yoodo credits aslo Your friend will get 7GB of FREE data


    Refer your friends and family to Yoodo and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as a 4D2N trip to Seoul with 30 referrals and above, a 3D2N trip to Bangkok with 20 referrals and above, and a 2D1N Malaysia Glamping trip with 15 referrals and above!

    Referees will receive a 1-year Majoriti subscription and a 2D1N staycation for 2pax, with min spending of RM30 plan and it's valid From 1 August to 31 October 2022

    Spin the digital wheel to win incredible prizes worth RM5 to RM200 such as Starbucks, Grab, Petronas, and Lazada vouchers, PUBG Mobile In-Game items, and MLBB Diamonds

    You can also stand a chance at winning the grand prizes of the brand-new iPhone 14 Plus, Samsung gadgets, and gaming gear through a special virtual monthly lucky draw! Valid From 17 October to 22 December 2022

    For more information about Yoodo, activation manuals, notifications about promotions and exciting rewards, please visit the Yoodo website! and Don't forget to follow all Yoodo social media on the official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Youtube  and Tiktok accounts for the latest info.

    So everyone, what are you waiting for ? come and join me with Yoodo, come and switch to Yoodo now! Get you FREE SIM and having more experience with Malaysia's First Customisable Telco. 

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