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5 Reason Why You Should Change to Yoodo

 Assalammualaikum dan Hello everyone | 5 Reason Why You Should Change to Yoodo

Have you ever satisfied with you internet plan right now ? Have you guys ever imagine using 10GB for one month ? can you guys survive with that small Gigabyte in this era ? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

I've one of the user that using 10GB for one month and cost RM50. ๐Ÿ˜ญ  yeah I know it's ridiculous but hey, no worry cause I've been using it not for so long until I found Yoodo. So this posting I'm going to tell you guys some secrets for Why You Should Change to Yoodo.  

what is actually Yoodo ? I bet some of you doesn't know about Yoodo especially at Sabah and Sarawak. I believe some people in Sabah not too exposed about Yoodo. Yoodo is actually Malaysia's first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile service. Powered by Celcom and having the widest 4G LTE network. 

1)  You Can Customize Your Internet Plan 

well, some telco just determine your monthly internet plan and charge it with high price. Sometime it might does not match with the price given. It's like, you are using only 10GB for RM50, while you can have 100GB DATA FOR ONLY RM2 at Yoodo. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Beside, if you feel like you're using big data this month you can customize you internet plan with affordable price and if you feel like you're on holiday mood at your hometown and doesn't need much more internet plan and you can minimize your internet plan. You can always customize you plan based on your preference for minute (calls), text message and data. Isn't that cool ? 

2) Get Power Pass - Buy Data Up To 100GB As Low As RM2 Only

You guys need instant data ? Usually getting only 3 or 4 gigabyte and costing as low as RM4, but with Yoodo plan, you guys can get 100GB for only RM2!. With this big gigabyte I can stream my favorite Korean Drama. 

3) 18 Yoodo Add-On Options Adapted To Your Lifestyle

Have you ever thinking using other apps with the same data ? Which is you only have 10GB for Social lifestyle, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix and other ? and it can only be utilize for a few days. 

But now, no longer worry cause Yoodo giving you guys ADD-ONS as low as RM5/month. Isn't that crazy! no telco will give you the best as Yoodo did #Yoodoitbetter . 

If you purchase 10 add-ons you will get 1 absolutely FREE! 
If you purchase 10 days worth of Roam Like Home passes and get 1 day FREE!

4) Having More Promotion and Offers

Yoodo give Yoodo users more promotion and much more offers that others. Such as, Yoodo Birthday but you guys will get a give with 3 HOURS of high-speed data for only RM1, RM18 Ang Paos to be won when user active with min RM35 this Chinese New Year, all data packs for 5GB and above get double RM35 for high-speed 20GB data. Same price double the data, you buy 5GB of data for RM25 and get 10GB instead. 

5) Support Gaming Apps and Get FREE 20GB PUBG MOBILE and Could Stream Music 

Are you into gamming apps ? playing PUBG Mobile ? Mobile Legend ? COD ? Cause I'm one of the gamming fans. I bet you guys know Yoodo Gank  if you are into gamming. With Yoodo, you guys can play game, stream music, watch movie and also into social with 20GB AS LOW RM5/MONTH it's special data packets that give you high-speed data that does not deduct from you base mobile plan.

what are you waiting for ? come on la switch to Yoodo ASAP. 

How To Register Yoodo Online and How To Get Yoodo Sim Pack 

Here's how you guys can do in just 4 easy steps ;

  • Download the Yoodo app on the Google Play Store or iOS Apple Store or sign up on Yoodo webpage here 
  • Choose your new number and start building your plan.
  • Receive you SIM sent right to your doorstep.
  • Authenticate and active your SIM to get connected.
๐Ÿง If you haven't decided on a plan, don't worry. Just order your free SIM first and choose your plan later ✌๐Ÿป

99 problem but getting a SIM ain't one, you also can get a Yoodo SIM card with FREE 5GB DATA at thousand of 99 Speedmart store across Malaysia for just RM2 

No need time to think right now, come on and switch to Yoodo



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