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Friday, May 5, 2017



Since I have been tagging by AMER RIDZUAN  for blue sky tag , so I hope I may answer the 11 question. A big thanks to AMERZING for tagging me.

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1. If you suddenly found yourself turned into woman/man. How would you spend your day ? 

Hmm, I guess when I turn into a man, I want to riding on a racing motor or car. Hehehe *oh my dream* I know it sound so rough but kindly cool you know. I just love to watch racing car neither motorcycle since I was kid, and once I’ve ever dream to make it come true one day. When I’m in 15 years old, I ride a motorcycle but I accidentally puss the speed until I got into accident *oh pity me* so since that day, my dad never let me ride a motorcycle anymore, so I guess my dream to ride in racing motorcycle never come true. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

2. Tell me the most awkward moment in your life?

Meet my old friends. You know that moment when you and your friends never get in touch for a year, I guess almost 10 years, and one day you meet you old friends, and she look so gorgeous, so beautiful, and I was like “oh my god, awkward gila jumpa kawan dengan dress kampung aku ni, tapi dia pula dress just like going out for dinner”

3. What are the best and worst purchases you have made?

The best purchases I have made is buying the first handphone with my own money. Eventho the phone is not as expensive as iphone and so ever, but it been blessed you know. (Alhamdulillah) . you feel it when you work hard day and night and at the end of the month when you got your salary, all you can do is “okey tak apa, simpan dulu, tahan hati tu dulu nak shopping.”

The worst purchases I ever made is buying the beautiful, expensive dress for my aunt wedding. I found that dress on instagram, the model that use the dress is so beautiful and the design of the dress is so on point. I like the dress, the design, and so on. First of all, I think twice neither I want to buy it or not. Because first, the dress is so expensive, and second I just worry if the dress was so bad. But since my aunt wedding just around the corner so I just buy it with one push. Oh sangat yakin. And you know, my instinct is so 100% good, when the abang poslaju come, I was so worry to open the parcel *oh macam exam pulak* and you know, the dress is so BAD! I was like “menyesalnya, baik ikut kata hati aku je haritu, tak payah nak beli!” so at the end, all I can do is redho jelah.

4. If you have a chance to change your name, what will it be and why??

Oh I like this part. If only I have a chance to change my name,  I would like to change my name to UMMU AIMAN. I don’t know why, I just love name that is include two gender. UMMU sound like a women and AIMAN sound like a man. But actually, my name is more smart. *ah thanks to my mom*. Because every time people ask my name and when I tell them my full name they was just “eh kawin nanti kesian dekat bakal suami, takut kena lafaz akad 3 kali” .

5. Who is the messiest person you know?

My classmate. He is a boy, in high school  he really really like to sleep, anywhere anytime all things he know is sleep, and yes! When he enter university, I heard a lot of story of him, and you know his attitude is never change. (sorry classmate)

6. What are the most useless talent do you have?

The most useless talent I have is SLEEP. *evil laugh* i live in a house with my friends (just two of us). I work in the morning, and she work in the evening, and we just meet each other at night. You know when you stay alone in the evening and got nothing to do also don’t have friend to talk with and the only way to lose you boring is SLEEP. Hahahaha (so lets sleep)

7. Who is the fourth person n your missed call list?

Oh wait, just check in my phone.

Oh it’s 22990. HAHAHAHAH (Nampak sangat forever alone)

8. What is your favorite TV show? (Tell me Suri Hati Mr. Pilot, please)

Oh please. I just know lofattah but I never watch the movie at all. I’m kind of dislike to watch jiwang-jiwang movie. The most tv show I like is THE WALKING DEAD. Eventho the movie just have 10 episode in a year and the next episode is in the next year, but I’m still here waiting for the next episode.

9. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

Did I already pray ? or I miss my subuh ? ๐Ÿ˜ก

10. What are you completely give up and done with?

Give up on giving hope by people, and done with they’re liying (FULLSTOP)

11. Do you think my questions are ridiculous?

Na’ah. But I love the part LOFATTAH. Did you adore LOFATTAH ? ๐Ÿ˜

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2-   Baking or cooking ?
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4- If you see someone sitting in the walking road, asking for money, did you give them money ?
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7- Who is the lucky women / man did you call everyday ?
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