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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It’s hard to say goodbye

Assalammualaikum and hi people. So actually I’m a little bit awkward with this entry because yeah you know all my post before this ill write it in “malay” version, but with this one new entry I’m trying to write it in English. So yeah! Wish me the best of writing. Yes, I know I’m not really good in English and not really fluently to speak or write but I try my best of the best in the best version. So yeah!

You know when you have a good friends, I mean you not just know about his name but you know about his life, you know the good and bad in his, you know what she really like to eat or what she really like to drink, you know what kind of movie she like, what kind of book she like, what kind of people she like and etc  bla bla bla.


Friendship is just a word, but my girls give it a meaning

You know that feeling when you friends and you are just like siblings, stay in the same house, same room, eating in the same table, share and solve problem together, teach each other, talk-back about each other *na’ah* gossip together * sometimes, not always * crossing the road together eventho both of us are really really really afraid to cross the road *BIG LAUGH * 

And one day you’re with a friend you have to split. it’s just hard right to say goodbye, even you know you and your friends still can manage to meet at any time when school holiday, but it just not same as the day you’re together, yeap like I said it before. It’s just like, “hey, tak payah baliklah, stay sini jak”  as I wish for but it can’t change people decision, you just have to redho for what happen.  Surely you’ll know how that feeling when you have to say goodbye to the one you love, the one you really care, the one that really important in your life and etc. That’s what I feel right now. So hard for me to say “goodbye friends, take care!”  

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